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The Team

Not to brag, but we've got more than 20 years experience each.  We know what to expect at each phase of business and how to reach goals.  And, we work well together. 

David Wittenkamp

Chief Financial Officer

David is a high tech and software executive who has co-founded two successful high-tech startups.  He offers broad general management experience.

His extensive finance and sales career was with large public companies such as Ford, Motorola, IBM, EMC, Nokia, and Ericsson.

Franklin Thompson

VP of Finance

Franklin is a CPA and MBA who works with a mainly middle to large companies.   After working with Deloitte, he transitioned to working software, distribution and energy companies.  


Betty Chen


Betty's is a CPA and entrepreneur.  Her background focus is on small to medium sized companies.  She excels in building financial infrastructure and operational execution. 


We work with a variety of contract bookkeepers all over the globe.  Depending on the volume and skill-level required, we find the right mix of price and experience for your business needs.

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